Linda Bloser

has been on a spiritual path throughout her adult life, including many years of self-study in which she laid the foundation for structured classes and certifications including:

• Reiki Master
• Divine Healer (Light of Divine
xTruth Foundation)
• First, Second and Third Star Nations Blessing
• Spiritual Light Course of Study - Levels 1-7
x(Light of Divine Truth Foundation and First
xCongregation of Infinite Light)

Linda initiated Aura Reflections and began conducting aura photography
consultations in 2003 after receiving training and certification from
Inneractive Aura Video Systems. She has developed a unique process that enables
the client to thoroughly understand the energy field around their physical
bodies and in their chakra system.

The aura video station Linda utilizes is an imaging system that uses biofeedback
to measure, analyze, and display an accurate representation of the physical,
emotional, mental, and spiritual states of the client. Each color has its own
vibration that reflects the client’s personality traits and how they
individually express themselves. The aura size, brightness, intensity, shape,
and distribution of colors bring specific detail to understand the uniqueness of
each person.

The system also shows the energy level of each chakra, and by analyzing their
color, size, and shape, an accurate reading of how the client processes those
energies can be clearly explained.

Linda provides her services at holistic and metaphysical events and home parties
in the Central New York area.

Contact Linda at :
or 315-337-7021