Linda Bloser

is proud and thankful to these fine people for their kind comments:

“I have been experiencing aura photography with Linda since 2005 and have always found that Linda shares with compassion. Her unique style of explanation offers a comfortable level of understanding. Aura photography has been a beneficial tool for awareness of my personal balance and spiritual journey. With Linda as the aura interpreter, I always feel confident and trusting to share the emotional depths of the personal journey that further aid positive transformation.”

Betty Ann,
Little Falls, NY

“Linda has an opened third eye from the Star Nations’ Star Blessings that have truly gifted her with the ability to provide her clients with more insight in their aura image than most others trained in aura photography. You will be amazed by her knowledge and the information and guidance her aura interpretation will give you.”

Dennie Lee Maslak,
Psychic Card Reader & Star Blessing Grand Master


“I had seen aura photos that were quite lovely and thought I’d like to have one done someday. Shortly thereafter, I saw a flyer detailing an open house event in which Linda Bloser would be conducting aura photo consultations. Linda produced photos of my aura that included the chakras and much more information than I ever anticipated. This was an incredible experience for me. The pictures and Linda’s in-depth interpretation provided me with a clearer vision that was life affirming
and life changing. Now, I knew my direction. I had evidence to support and reinforce my desired path to contribute to the well being of others. I embraced what I learned on that day and am now able to joyfully follow my heart’s desire.”

Grace R.,
Syracuse, NY

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